Some clients are leery of using an open source platform as the foundation for their small business website. When I tell them that the key components of all websites are open source (i.e. the apache web server, the php programming language, and the mysql database manager), they tend to be open to learning more. Powering over 34% of all the websites on the web (that’s about 510 million websites), WordPress is the most popular open source platform for building websites. Read on to discover why WordPress is good for a business website.

Free to use

First, WordPress does not cost anything to use. Built on php, the platform is easy to customize to provide the exact look and functionality you want for your website. You can have different looks for different pages (i.e. home page vs blog post pages). Once installed on your web hosting server, the platform is ready to use. You can immediately add content to your website.

Not happy with the theme? You can try different themes until you find one that meets your needs. With thousands of themes available, you are sure to find a theme you like. Want extra functionality? There are over 50 thousand plugins available to make your website work the way you want. There are plugins for online stores, SEO, image galleries, sliders, and page editors. You are always free to write your own theme and plugins. All you need is some knowledge of how WordPress works and some php coding experience.

SEO built in

WordPress is SEO friendly. The structure used by WordPress is easy for search engines to crawl. In fact, there are rumours that Google tends to rank WordPress websites higher.

WordPress is secure. The developers of WordPress designed the software with security topmost in their minds. They are quick to implement any security issues found (they even help with third party themes and plugins).

Mobile friendly

Finally, WordPress is mobile friendly. All you do is select a mobile friendly theme and the software takes care of the rest. You don’t have to develop different versions of your website for different devices. One website serves all visitors. And Google just announced that they are using their mobile friendly crawlers full time to rank websites. There is no reason for your website not to be mobile friendly.

WordPress is the most popular website platform available. Being free software, the overall cost of launching a business website is inexpensive. The multitude of themes and plugins available means you can get the exact look and feel you want. Being SEO friendly, it is easier to rank your business on search engines. Finally, being secure and mobile friendly, WordPress is good for a business website.

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