Word of mouth is one of the most powerful methods of marketing your business.  Providing a positive experience to your clients will pay off immensely.  Having a client who promotes you and your business is crucial to building your business.  The chain reaction that occurs means that clients will place your business in a positive light and will drive more clients to your business.

Raise awareness

Word of mouth works it raises awareness and creates consumer trust.  By raising awareness of your business, prospective clients will know of your existence without having to conduct research.  Consider what would happen if you do not have advertising in the location where a prospective client is looking.  The chances of individuals finding your business is very remote.  In addition, having someone else vouch for your business is extremely valuable.  When a friend recommends another business, I always check out the business because of the trust I have in my friends.

Word of mouth is not limited to face-to-face interactions.  Consider the impact of a client mentioning your business on social media.  The viral like spreading of a client’s recommendation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest creates a driving attraction to your business.  When dealing with your clients, make it easy for them to share your business information.  Ensure that all of your contact information is up to date on all of your materials (business cards, invoices, email signature, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, etc).

Directly targeted

Word of mouth is more targeted than traditional advertising.  Consider two friends talking about baby clothes.  One friend recommends your business as a provider of exceptional quality baby clothes.  Without knowing it, your client directly targeted your business without any interaction from you.

Word of mouth is not limited to your clients.  Business-to-business word of mouth is very popular as well.  When seeking new business, consider asking business associates for a good word.  This works both for businesses outside and inside your line of work.  Businesses outside of your line of work can benefit from your expertise.  Peer businesses benefit from work sharing.  Establishing a rapport with your competitors sometimes pays off with more work and accolades.

Leverage word of mouth advertising

Word of mouth is an important part of my marketing plan.  I always give more than I promised.  Approximately two thirds of my new business comes from word of mouth advertising.  You too should utilize word of mouth marketing to increase your business.

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