I deal with a lot of different web hosting companies in my daily work on client websites. Some clients come with their own web hosting. Some clients have chosen wisely while others no so much. In discussions with clients, the same hosting issues keep coming up. When you are looking for a company to host your WordPress website, here are some things to avoid so that you do not suffer from web hosting nightmares.

I have written about how to select a web hosting company in the past. This article looks at several companies that I have done business with and experienced issues with their services. I was constantly having problems with one company and their customer support was lacking. Their call center was overseas, and they could only do so much troubleshooting. I was looking to increase website loading time by reducing the initial server response time. Sounds easy right? Simply tweak the server by reducing the time between the first request for data and the first data response.

Avoid EIG Hosting

But no, this was way beyond the abilities of the support team. And they would not let me talk to a computer technician. Instead, they created a support ticket on my behalf. The answer I received was that sorry, if they did that for me, they would have to do the same for all the other websites on their servers. And they were not prepared to do that. I even offered to pay more to get my sites running faster but the answer was still no. This event was the last straw and in frustration, I pulled all my websites from the company and moved them to another hosting company. Yes, it took a lot of work to do this, but my clients deserved the best web server I could offer them.

In speaking with other web designers, they too experienced similar issues. It seems that the company in question is all owned by a parent company (Endurance International Group). EIG has been buying up smaller web hosting companies (to date they own over 70 web hosting companies). EIG owns some of the more popular web hosting brands (BlueHost, HostGator, HostMonster, and NetFirms). They offer a great deal to start and then up the price after a trial period (like $0.99 for the first six months).

Be careful with GoDaddy

The second web hosting nightmare came from dealing with GoDaddy. Several clients use GoDaddy for their web hosting. Their shared hosting plans come with very few computer resources (i.e. ram, CPU speed, and disk space). One client’s website was constantly maxing out the web hosting server which made their website painfully slow. This was clear in both the front and back ends. They could not do updates and their customers were complaining that their website was slow.

The solution from GoDaddy was for the client to upgrade their web hosting plan. They never did provide an explanation as to why the website was maxing out. I suspect it was do the number of websites they have on each shared server (could be in the hundreds). The client also wanted to add SSL security, email accounts, email forwarding, and custom website tweaks. Yep, all extra. In the end, GoDaddy wanted the client to pay more for shared hosting than other web hosting companies charge for a Virtual Private Server.

Consider using a VPS

I moved the client to my VPS, updated their website and gave them the services they wanted for a very reasonably price (yes, it is less that what GoDaddy wanted).

So, who do I recommend for WordPress web hosting? After trying different web hosting companies, I selected one of the hosting companies recommended by WordPress itself. I have been on Dreamhost web servers now for over four years and I could not be happier. My websites never run out of server resources, their support is excellent, and their pricing is fair. I have also tried SiteGround (another company recommended by WordPress), I just liked Dreamhost better. WordPress does recommend BlueHost but as said above, I have had issues with EIG companies in the past. I did try BlueHost briefly but quickly left them. When looking for a web hosting company, go in with your eyes open so that you can avoid web hosting nightmares.

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