We have all seen numerous advertisers use the “But wait there’s more” technique to clinch the deal.  Today, many website companies upsell items that I consider to be essential to any business looking to integrate web technologies.  They use calls to action text such as “Start your website now for free”, “Let us build it for free”, and “Easy to create”.  As enticing as these may seem, they all leave out one of the most important website elements.  The must have element for any website is consideration for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I get clients who love their website design but can’t understand why they aren’t getting more visitors and don’t list higher on search engines.  A quick look at the code behind their website often reveals that SEO was not incorporated in the design process.  When clients check with their “drag and drop” web hosts, they find that they have to purchase additional apps or pay exorbitant monthly amounts to include SEO.

These clients found that the building their website was relatively easy, especially with the provided templates.  However, there is more to a website than just looking good.  Building an effective online presence is like buying a home.  Each starts with good “bones”.  Most of the bones are hidden behind the scenes, most website visitors will never see the elements that make the website perform well on search engines.

But wait, that’s why I love drag and drop website companies. I get more business! Providing an honest assessment of a client’s website (which includes their SEO efforts) helps clients understand how their website can bring more visitors.  Bringing more visitors translates to more sales.  Clients also realize that sometimes, even minor tweaks are next to impossible (due to the template selected).  When considering creating a website to complement your business, include SEO from the outset.


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