According to Facebook, there are 1.04 active users visiting their website every day.  Imagine the potential of reaching even a tiny fraction of these visitors will have on bringing potential clients to your website.  I was a little sceptical when a colleague mentioned I should advertise on Facebook.  Deciding to give Facebook advertising a try, here is what you need to do in order to utilize the power of advertising on Facebook.

Learn from YouTube

First, watch several videos and read numerous articles on creating a Facebook ad.  The target audience is immense.  You will soon realize that you will need a subsection of the 1 billion daily visitors.  Create your subsection by determining your target audience.  With Facebook advertising, it is very easy to carve out your niche audience.  For instance, you can target people by location, demographics, interests, behaviours, and connections.  You can also choose to include or exclude your present Facebook friends.  You can also create several ads (each slightly different) and conduct your own marketing research on which ads work best before spending money on ads that do not work.

Create your Ad

Next, you create your ad from your Facebook page.  Choose the goal of your advertising.  Goals include boosting your Facebook posts, promoting your page, sending people to your website, promoting conversions, and reaching people near your business.  Build your ad using a combination of images and text.  Use photos that compliment your text.  Use text that will entice people to view your ad, always include a call to action.  Facebook will check your images to ensure they do not contain too much text.

Your next choices will determine your target audience.  This step requires some thought on whom you want to reach.  You can choose men, women, or both; where they live; their age groups; and their interests.  For instance, for my test audience, I wanted to reach men and women living in Canada aged between 30 and 50 who were interested in small business marketing and entrepreneurship.

Set your budget

Finally, establish your budget (i.e. how much you want to spend on advertising each day) and when your ad will run.  For instance, you can run your ad continuously or select a date range.  Selecting a date range is perfect for creating test markets. Each choice you make in this and the previous step will provide a subset of the 1 billion total daily users.  When you are ready, launch your ad.

Facebook provides excellent analytics on the results of your advertising.  Your results may surprise you.  For instance, while my target reach provided a good subset, the data on actual visitors to my website permitted me to refine my subset further.  With this new information, I changed my parameters yet kept my budget the same, which resulted in reaching more people who were interested in what I am offering.  With a well-structured ad and some careful audience targeting, you too can increase your business.

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