LinkedIn currently has over 600 million registered professionals with two new professionals joining every second!  Imagine the reach you can achieve using this service. Use LinkedIn as another tool in your networking arsenal.  LinkedIn increases your lead generation, builds awareness, and grows followers.

Build your professional network

Add connections to build your professional network.  Each time you get a new first level connection on LinkedIn, look through their connections for any mutual friends that are not your first level connection.  Send an invite to connect with each of these newly found friends.  Take the time to add new quality LinkedIn connections. Your network will grow exponentially.  These connections will provide an opening to the companies you want to business with.

Search for trends

Use the Skills and Experience search function to spot industry trends.  The resulting information shows statistics such as the average age of people in a field and how quickly the area is growing.  Find the keywords used in these trends. Ensure you are using the same keywords in your marketing (Facebook, Twitter, and your website).  Stay ahead of the competition by remaining relevant.

Target Demographics

Use search to find your target demographics.  The search function of LinkedIn is extremely powerful.  The filter options provide a very specialized set of results. This allows you to effectively reach potential customers.  Use search to check up on what your competition is doing.  Maintaining an understanding of the competition keeps you informed on current developments. It also provides an opportunity to be an early adopter of the newest trends.  The possibilities are vast and the results will help you make invaluable connections.

The connections you make on LinkedIn are quality connections. They are like-minded professionals looking to grow their business.  Receive endorsements and recommendations to increase your social capital.  Use LinkedIn to its maximum potential and your business will flourish.

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