There was a time when a business would create an entry in the Yellow Pages or submit their ads to local newspapers. That would be enough for their advertising campaign. Larger companies would take out ad space in glossy magazines. With the advent of the internet, online advertising and marketing has forever changed the way businesses market their products and services. Insightful business owners embrace the web to make full use of this mostly under-utilized marketing potential. These successful businesses use their online presence to create value for their clients. They use relevant images, write concise informational articles, and create mobile friendly websites.

Provide relevant information

Businesses create valuable content through a variety of channels (website, social media, articles, on other sites, guest blogs, and eNewsletters). This relevant content provides clients with important information about your business and assists them in making informed decisions when purchasing your products and services. Using multiple approaches to marketing, you ensure your message reaches the greatest possible audience.

Images are very important to portraying your business. The increased use of relevant images helps give credibility to your business. Although there are a multitude of stock photos available (some free and some at a cost), having quality images directly related to your business is invaluable. Consider the image of customers enjoying your product versus a stock image. Which image increases the credibility of your product?

Use concise content

On the web, you have a limited amount of time available to convince a potential customer. Your text must be concise and simple. The old adage that “less is more” definitely pertains to the internet. Make every word fight for a position on your web page. A good practice is to write your page content, then cut it by half. If possible, cut it by half again. You will find that your text will be easier and faster to read. Seconds count when selling on the web.

The CIRA Factbook states that 75% of Canadians own smartphones and Canadians spend 50% of their online time on mobile devices. Ensure your site is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, then you risk losing a great amount of potential business.

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