Incorporating social media into your marketing plan opens new channels for your brand.  The power realized when members of your social groups forward your message is enormous.  For example, let’s say that you have 50 friends on Facebook; each of those friends has 50 friends, and each of those 50 friends has 50 friends.  Next, you post a great marketing article on Facebook and each connected friend shares your post.  Your post will reach over 125,000 people!  Not only is your message shared with a wide audience but also each message share comes with a friend endorsement.  This marketing potential is massive, yet many businesses do not fully engage social media.

Increase conversion rates

Online social interaction increases the conversion rates of visitors.  Providing contact with potential customers through comments and feedback puts a personal face on your company.  This intimate personal level communication increases the level of trust and credibility afforded your company.  Ensure you provide feedback to both the good and bad comments.  Showing that you are adept at handling bad situations will provide an additional level of social proof.

Increase inbound links

Providing an inbound link to your website in each social media post also increases your search engine ranking.  Reusing our Facebook example from above, imagine the impact of 125,000 links will have on your brand legitimacy, credibility, and trustworthiness. Google uses the number of back links your website has as one of it’s Page Ranking signals.

Increase brand recognition

Active involvement in social media increases your brand recognition, improves the conversion rate of visitors, and escalates your search engine ranking.  Having a social media presence nowadays is mandatory.

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