One of the most powerful additions to your marketing tools is praise from a client.  The words of your clients have a tremendous impact on converting potential customers to paying clients.  The reasoning is quite simple.  People will feel more confident when dealing with you when there are other satisfied clients.  Harness the power of testimonials on your website and watch your website visitors become valuable clients.

So how do you get testimonials?

Look at discussions

First, pay attention to discussions you have with clients.  These discussions can occur anywhere.  They can come from telephone calls, thank you notes, email, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc.  Always consider how you can use the flattering words of others to provide credibility to your business.   Always ask the client for permission to use their words on your website.  Most clients will be very accommodating, especially when you do good work for them.

Ask your clients

Second, ask for testimonials when you complete a job for a client.  Some business owners are reluctant to ask for a recommendation from their clients.  When you do a good job, why not ask for a testimonial.  When asking for a testimonial, you can also help seed the response.  For example, include questions such as: How has our product benefited you? Does our product perform as advertised?  Does our product outperform another product?  Using the responses to these questions as your testimonials are more powerful than a simple your product is great testimonial.  Don’t be afraid to ask clients for exactly what you want.

Use surveys

Third, use the power of surveys to gather testimonials.  Whenever you finish a job for a client, send them a quick survey which asks questions and requests feedback on how well your company did.  Provide areas for comments so that clients can add their own words.  Have a question that asks for permission to use their comments as a testimonial on your website. Survey Monkey is a popular free online survey platform for creating and gathering survey information.

Using testimonials on your website adds legitimacy to your business.  Testimonials mean that you have done great work for your clients and they are very satisfied with you. Increase your marketing efforts through the use of your clients own words.  These messages will go a long way towards increasing the success of your business.

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