Some web advertisements claim that they will submit your website to numerous search engines with one click (for a small fee).  Even others promise to increase your page ranking.  The one question that keeps coming up is do I need to submit your website to the search engines at all.  There are several camps available.  Some say yes while others say no.  Most of those who say yes are SEO companies looking for a fee to list your website.  The trouble is, it costs nothing to list on the major search engines.

Search engines have evolved over the years.  They are faster and smarter.  If another website links to your website, then chances are that the major search engines will index your website.  The best way to know for sure is to install simple analytics code on your website.  This way, you can track when bots (also known as spiders) visit your website.  Without a doubt, with links to your website, your website will get indexed (whether you get listed for the correct keywords is another discussion).

If your website does not show up within a week or so, what do you do?  Simple, use the search engine site submission form (all the major search engines have them). Both Google and Bing have a disclaimer however, that your form submission may not correspond to a listing with their search engines.

So, if your website search engine form submission does not work, what do you do?  One of the quickest ways to have Google index your website is set up a Google+ account and place a link to your website there.  Google will index your website in a matter of hours.  You can also sign up for Google or Bing webmaster accounts.  Registering your website there will also speed up the indexing of your website.

How do I verify that my website is indexed?  Just enter the following in the Google search bar “”.  Google will present a list of all the pages from your website that it has crawled.  This check also works for Bing.

I use all of the above techniques to list the websites that I develop.  First, I help create links to websites.  Then, I submit the main home page to Google and Bing. Finally, I add the website to my Google and Bing webmaster accounts.  I don’t leave anything to chance.  And this is a free service I provide.  Don’t pay for website indexing.  If you see a charge for website submission, you should really ask the person why.

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