Do you think that a simple design can improve your website?  Your website is an extension of your business.  Additionally, it matches your mission and goals.  It provides your customers with information 24/7.  Yet when it comes to the design of their website, some clients want an all singing and all dancing website with all the latest bells and whistles.  Over the years, I have found that a simple yet elegant design serves my clients better.  These websites stand the test of time and require fewer updates in order to keep up with changes in technology.

Visitors to a website typically form a reliable first impression within half a second.  The first perception relates to the appeal of the website.  This pull leads to an increased level of trust and credibility.  The shape, colour, and complexity of the website all affect the visitor.  Coupled with the visitor’s memory, the first impression provides a ‘gut feeling’ and impacts the decision to further explore the website or leave.

Google understands this.  Likewise, Apple gets it.  They both reduced their websites to the bare minimum of elements required to get the message across.  The expert use of colour and shape, which looks good across multiple devices is the result of hard work and an understanding of Human Computer Interaction.  They also make brilliant use of white space to give their web pages breathing room.

You should design your website using this simple approach.  Don’t fall victim to the latest bling such as popups (Google will penalize if improperly used on mobile sites), flash video (some browsers do not support), multiple fonts, excess imagery (size and quantity), and harsh colours.  A simple design will create trust with visitors and increase the credibility of your website.  After all, your website is a key component of your business.

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