Most of my clients use WordPress as the foundation for their business website. WordPress provides a solid starting point and saves numerous hours of development time. The core software is already in place. And it’s free! Over the years, several of my clients contacted me because either they were stuck with an issue they couldn’t solve, or their experience would only take them so far. Let’s have a look at the top seven reasons you should hire a professional WordPress developer for your business website.

Gain from their experience

1. Professional WordPress developers have a ton of experience working with the backend of the software. A basic installation of WordPress contains about 1,700 files. Add in themes and plugins and this easily grows to 6,000 or more individual files. They know how all the pieces work together. They can customize the backend software to do exactly what you want.

2. They know how to choose the best additions to expertly scale your website. A professional knows which plugins work best with certain themes. They also know how to select the best web hosting platform so that your website continues to perform as the number of visitors increase and the website must handle an increased number of interactions.

Get a custom look and feel

3. A professional developer can give you a custom look and feel so that your website does not look like other websites. They can help match your website to your brand by designing pages that match your already existing materials (i.e. business card, brochures, advertising, etc.).

4. Also, they can add additional functionality so that your website does what you want it to do. For example, they can add extra fields to contact forms, sales pages, and custom database entries. This way, you can capture the exact data you need to operate your business. They know how to write custom code, edit HTML, and control the look and feel through CSS.

Add originality to your website

5. A professional will add originality to your website. Yes, it will still be a WordPress website but that is no reason for it to look like one. By adding some custom code to the default layout, the complete look of the website will change. Change up the colouring, fonts, widths, white space, and responsiveness to make a totally unique website.

6. A professional will always consider future customizations. They will work closely with you to discover your plans for future growth. Additionally, they will plan the website growth so that your website will support your business needs now and in the future. Finally, they will ensure to tune your database to provide the best possible performance.

Get professional support and maintenance

7. Finally, you will obtain professional support and maintenance for your website. You will always have someone to call when things go wrong. Oftentimes, a business owner will know enough WordPress to accomplish the basics (add a page, post a blog, and create a contact form. A professional will help you fix your website whenever you find yourself stuck.

Anytime you find yourself stuck and need help with your WordPress website, be sure to call a professional developer. They will help you sort out your issues and will provide helpful advice to make your website run better. A professional WordPress developer will understand the inner workings of your website and will set your website up for success.

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