Your WordPress website is running along nicely, all the plugins, themes, and core software are up to date. You are making minor changes to pages and you make regular blog posts. You are very diligent in keeping your website secure. But have you given any thought to your database? The database becomes bloated over time. This bloat slows your website down. Want to speed up your website and remove the bloat? Read on to discover how to optimize your WordPress database.

First, a word of warning

Always create a backup before doing any database manipulations.

A typical WordPress installation adds 12 tables to the database. Plugins and themes add more tables. Each time you edit your website, these tables get updated. WordPress stores revisions, autosaves, and trash in the database. For a default WordPress installation, this can mean up to 30 revisions for every page and post. WordPress autosaves every 60 seconds. And it keeps items in the trash forever (unless you empty the trash). Also, WordPress saves every comment (spam comments included) in the database. Over time, it is easy to see how the database tables become bloated.

Each time a visitor views a page or post, WordPress must search the database for the corresponding page/post components (header, footer, sidebar, and main content). The more bloat (and the larger the database), the longer it takes to search, retrieve, and display the page/post.

Use WP Optimize

The easiest way to remove this bloat is through a plugin. WP Optimize is rated as one of the best plugins for optimizing your WordPress database. WP Optimize removes all unnecessary data from your database. You keep control of which tables to optimize through the plugin settings. You can set it up to automatically run. With automatic control turned on, you never have to worry about optimizing your WordPress database again.

As a bonus, WP Optimize also has a compress images feature that will help reduce the size of pages and posts making your website faster. Additionally, WP Optimize has a built-in cache program that speeds up your website by keeping copies of your pages and posts as static files (and serves those files to visitors instead of forcing WordPress to search the database). Keeping your WordPress website operating is crucial for any business. When updating your website don’t forget your database. Over time, your database becomes bloated with revisions, autosaves, and comments. Use WP Optimize to optimize your WordPress database.

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