Everyone wants more business. It is what helps businesses grow. Build a website they said, and they will come. Have a website and your business will be open to the world 24/7 they said. But the sad reality is that simply having a website is not enough. Everyone has a website today. Here are three steps that consistently bring in more business.

Drive more traffic

First, you must have a means of driving traffic to your website. There are a multitude of ways to carry out this (some free and some paid). You can write a blog post and share it across multiple social media channels. You can become a guest writer on popular blogs related to your industry (or even better, the industry of your target audience). You can buy advertising on the traditional channels (print, video, radio). Or you can run ads on digital methods such as Google and Facebook. The key is to create compelling advertising copy that entices people to visit your website.

Convert website visitors

The second step to more business is you need a website designed to engage and convert website visitors into leads. Studies show that only around 5% of website visitors are ready to buy at the current time. What about the other 95%? Do not let them slip away. Your website must present compelling information whose sole purpose is to gather an email address. With this email address, you can set up an email marketing campaign to retarget those visitors. Retargeting these visitors with more relevant information increases their likelihood of purchasing.

Nurture current customers

Third, do not neglect your current customers. Keep them informed about new products and services. Provide them with exclusive offers and discounts. You must nurture them to increase their lifetime value. Also, you want them to become ambassadors for your business. You need to get them talking about your business. With this additional free marketing, you will get more business

You cannot run this cycle once and forget about it. You must constantly try different approaches until you find the right method that works for your business. You must measure the results of each campaign and compare the results to other campaigns. This rinse and repeat method will keep your business on top of changing trends and customer needs.

Simply having a website today is not enough. You must follow the attract – convert – nurture cycle to gain new customers. Follow these three simple steps if you want more business. Here are even more ways to drive traffic to your website.

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