Metrics provide a quantitative assessment of your business website which enables businesses compare the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.  Based in finance, metrics help business owners make informed decisions on where to focus their efforts.  A business website combined with closely monitored social media marketing benefit from metrics.  Every time I design a website or set up a marketing campaign, I determine what is important for the client (in regards to results) and ensure we have a metric that can monitor our efforts over time.

Understand your website visitors

In order to understand the visitors to your website, every website should have Google Analytics installed.  Google Analytics analyzes website traffic and provides insightful data on website visitors.  This data includes information on how visitors reached your website, what devices they used (i.e. smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.), web page speed, visitor gender, and age group.  This information helps confirm that you are targeting your intended audience.  If not, you should update your website so that it better appeals to your perfect client.

Use Social Media

Businesses looking to grow must utilize social media, especially social media marketing.  This includes creating ad campaigns using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.  I prefer Facebook Ads because it is easier to target specific groups of individuals based on precise selection criteria (such as location, age, gender, and interests).  Google AdWords takes a different approach where individuals bid on keywords.  Using Google Pay Per Click campaigns, some keywords can get expensive.  Selecting the best and most cost efficient keywords requires some research.

Test your efforts

Both Google and Facebook permit the creation of A-B testing.  A-B testing allows a business to create two or more ad groups.  These ad groups are run for a specific period (either simultaneously or concurrently) with the results compared to determine which advertisement resulted in the best Return on Investment (ROI). When you find a campaign that works best for your company, repeat the campaign several times to get the most return on your marketing investment.

Incorporating Google Analytics or Facebook Ads with a focussed advertisement campaign will drive more clients to your business.  The combination of your business website and a well-organized marketing plan will pay off in increased sales.  This process requires some dedication and a little time in order to determine the best marketing efforts.  Working through the process will also help businesses determine who their perfect customer is.  Businesses that use metrics to measure their website activity and the performance of social media marketing will achieve a great ROI.

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