Does your website contain the key components for mobile visitors?  Recently, the number of mobile searches passed the number of desktop searches.  A recent survey by Google indicates that mobile users depend on their smartphones for “micro-moments” throughout their day and this trend will definitely continue as mobile usage continues to rise.  Consumers automatically reach for their mobile devices for ideas when in the middle of a task.  With limited screen space on mobile devices, ensure that your website presents mobile visitors with the following key components.

Add your telephone number

Include your telephone in a prominent position on your landing page.  Code your telephone number so that visitors can simply tap the number and their smartphone will dial your number. Users won’t take the time to write down your telephone number, leave your web page, open their telephone app, and type in your number.  Providing users with a one-step tap process will result in more customers calling your business.

Add Contact Information

Include your other contact information in a prominent location.  This includes having properly coded links to your email address, social medial information (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and any other locations that you use to promote your business (such as Etsy, Pinterest, etc.).  Having these links coded to automatically open the respective apps on the visitor’s smartphone will help keep the visitor engaged.

Add Your Address

Include your address linked to a map so that visitors can use the map app on their mobile device to easily find you.  Some mobile websites also include a map directly on their landing page.  Either method works.  The key point here is to enable visitors to simply tap your address and their map app will automatically open to provide directions from their current location to your business.

Update your website so that it is ready for mobile users.  Thinking about your mobile users is critical to maintaining a successful web presence.  Outperform your competition by making it easy for visitors to reach you.

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