As Internet use exploded in the last ten years, businesses clamoured to establish an online presence. Most businesses created a website that was an extension of their marketing brochures. With their website created, business owners sat back and waited for the money to roll in. Sadly, most owners never realized a profit from their websites. A successful web presence requires constant interaction. You will gain increased business through the creation of valuable content, taking advantage of social media, and increasing the number of outside links to your website.

Add relevant content

The old adage that “content is king” is still relevant. Creating valuable content that is pertinent to potential clients requires careful thought and research. This is where knowing your customers and their reasons for purchasing from you are invaluable. No other business has this information. If you are not asking your clients why they buy from you, then you are missing important marketing information. Another location to determine what people are looking for is to conduct research on internet search engines. Begin with key words related to your business. Examine the results carefully. Also, examine what your competition is doing. Use your key words as a starting point and include those found during your research. Create your content using the most relevant key words. Both the Internet and online users have changed. You must adapt your message to these changes.

Embrace social media

One important change is the number of locations that a business can leverage to increase getting their message in front of potential clients. While desktop users tend to spent time with their banking, mobile users spend the most of their time on social media. Social media use is one location that business owners continue to ignore. Yet social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all provide a great avenue for getting your message out. Setting up accounts on these sites and maintaining current information will take a little time but the payback is well worth it.

Always link to your website

When posting messages to social media, always ensure you include a link back to your own website. Visitors will follow the link to your website and examine what you have to offer. Additionally, they will help spread the word by reposting your social media entries. These re-postings will all point to your website. This will help increase the ranking of your business on search engine sites. Also, take time to post articles on other social media sites. Again, always include a link to your website. As your online presence grows, the number of inbound links to your website will increase. Your ranking as a competent and knowledgeable business leader will increase.

Applying these three steps will result in more customers visiting your website which leads to increased business.

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