Finding a good web designer may seem like a daunting approach, especially if you are not technically inclined or do not know exactly what you want from your website.  Selecting the right web designer is very important, as you will want to maintain a relationship with your designer for as long as you decide to operate your website.  Follow these three steps to help you find the best web designer for your business.

Research websites you like

Find websites you like and determine who designed it.  Some websites will have a link to the website designer placed at the bottom of the website home page.  Follow the link to the designer’s website and have a look around.  Look for a portfolio page (may also be called Work or Our Work), which will provide more websites for you to examine.  While on the designer’s website, look for testimonials from their clients.  Determine which websites you like and contact the website owners.  Ask them what it was like to work with the website designer.  Ask what went well and ask which areas required work.  Also, ask for recommendations.

Ask questions

If you cannot determine the website designer for a particular website that you like, ask web site owners who designed their site.  You can find contact information on most all websites.  Contact information is normally located on the About Us page and can be a contact form, email address, or telephone number.  Any business happy with their website will give a glowing recommendation for their web designer.  Note that some companies have in house designers so you may not get access to the name of the web designer.

Check out potential web designers

With a list of preferred designers, the time has come to check them out.  Do not feel that you are tied to the first company you call.  Let the website designer know what you are looking for and that you are checking several companies.  You may even get a better deal if the website designer really wants your business.

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