I had a chat recently with a potential client who was sitting on the fence about hiring me to fix his business website. He was not happy with the look of his website. Additionally, he was having issues making it function the way he wanted. The conversation centered around the popularity of WordPress and the number of less expensive options for creating WordPress websites. He asked why he should hire me and not a friend, a family member, or a competitor. Read on to discover why you should hire a professional WordPress developer.

Higher quality work

A professional WordPress developer understands the inner workings of WordPress. They know how to tweak the software to get the exact look and feel you want. Also, the developer knows the components that make up WordPress (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, etc.). Having a holistic view of the system modules permits the exact tweaking required to obtain a certain look. Most importantly, the solutions provided are not hacks but are carefully thought out. A professional always considers the impact of code changes on the whole system.

Technical Support

The professional knows how to troubleshoot a WordPress installation. They fix errors caused by a variety of problems (plugin incompatibilities, theme conflicts, database corruption, failed updates, and layout issues). A professional WordPress developer knows;

  • the correct procedure for updating a WordPress installation,
  • selects the best themes and plugins to provide a required functionality,
  • edits themes and plugins, and
  • creates the best maintenance plans.

100% Customization

A professional WordPress developer takes a basic WordPress installation and codes the required themes and plugins to match your needs. They know how to integrate responsive mobile-first foundations like Bootstrap to add additional components to the website. They change the location and the look of items (navigation menus, hero images, sliders, contact forms, and more).

Value for money

Yes, a professional developer may charge a higher hourly rate. But, you benefit from the speed of the professional. Having an in-depth knowledge of WordPress means the professional immediately homes in on the issue at hand and quickly solves the problem. Over time, the relationship built with the professional permits you to focus on running your business. The professional takes care of maintaining the website (including web hosting, domain registrations, website security, backups, search engine optimization, functionality, and branding). The time you save is better spent taking care of your customers.

Do you seek a higher quality of work, need expert technical support, want 100% customization, and desire better value for your money? Consider hiring a professional WordPress developer. You will get the website you want and benefit from having a professional on your team.

And yes, the client hired me to fix his website.

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