In 2014, the number of mobile searches for information surpassed the number desktop searches.  This trend in mobile usage means that your website must adapt or you risk losing potential customers.  One solution is to design and maintain several versions of your website for different screen sizes.  Another option is to develop your website once using responsive web design (RWD).  The following four reasons highlight powerful motives why you should adopt RWD into your website.

Automatically adjusts

Content on a responsive website is fluid and automatically adjusts to fill allotted screen space.  Responsive web design is also future friendly for devices such as smart TVs and game consoles.  As more devices connect to the Internet, your website will be ready.  Newer devices such as tablets also permit users to easily change the orientation of their device from portrait to landscape (and back again).  RWD websites automatically adjust as the orientation changes.

Improve user experience

Responsive website design improves user experience by minimizing the requirement for horizontal scrolling.  Mobile users become frustrated and leave a non-responsive website in search of a responsive site.  In addition, unresponsive websites tend not to increase the font size, thereby making reading content extremely difficult. Do not make your website users do more work than is necessary.

Cost effective

A responsive website is cost effective as website developers only design the website once.  A responsive website makes management easier as there is only one code base to maintain.  Also, consider inbound links.  Which website version do you link?  Do you link to the desktop or the mobile version?

Websites rank higher

Google considers responsive web design as the industry best practice and includes RWD in its page-ranking algorithm.  With only one site to maintain, you will find it easier to increase Search Engine Optimization.  Do not make Google rank multiple sites.  Google may penalize one or more of your versions for containing duplicate content.  Google considers this as a trick to gain page ranking.

Stay ahead of your competition by having a responsive website and take advantage of the increased usage of mobile devices.

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