Customer reviews are very important in increasing the credibility of your business.  They drive new business to you and they are imperative for growth.  Search engines such as Google provide customer testimonials in their results.  Other sites such as Yelp and RateMD offer places for individuals to rate others and search for reviews.   One of the biggest problems faced by business owners is actually knowing how to get them.  Follow these three steps to receive glowing customer reviews and watch your business grow.

Set up a Google My Business page

The first step is to ensure that your business is set up with an account on the platforms that you want to use.  Google My Business and Yelp both have account creation processes on their websites.  I highly recommend that you research the best places for your particular business. Discovering where your potential customers go to search for what you are offering is important. The more places you insert your business, the higher the likelihood that your business will become found.

Show clients how to leave a review

Next, create a brochure, handout, or email that explains in detail how your clients can create the customer review.  The information should include the steps required to get on the applicable system, create the customer review, and publish the review.  Use pictures here if possible.  Also, include a page on your website related to customer reviews and provide links to the different platforms you are targeting. If possible, offer to help the client with accessing the different systems.  The intent here is to make it easy for your clients to complete the review.

Ask for the review

The final step is to simply ask for the review.  Most times, if you are providing an exceptional product or service, you will get the review.  Other ways of getting reviews are to have a poster which displays some of your existing reviews, have handouts available at your till, include a link in all thank you emails you send out.  There are plenty of other creative ways available to get customer reviews.  All you have to do is set up the accounts, provide instructions, and ask.

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