Search the web and you will find numerous articles on what you should measure when considering customer analytics.  Some suggest that Click Through Rate (CTR) is important while others use website traffic as a barometer to how well their website is doing.  Even more swear by Google Analytics as a true gauge of their site.  I take a slightly different approach to customer analytics with my business.  You too can track these three important metrics and discover how to best keep your clients happy.

Are your customers happy?

First, determine how satisfied your customers are.  The easiest way to find the answer is to ask them.  Use a survey, email questionnaire, or even face-to-face.  Find out what makes them happy about your product or service.  Also ask what they don’t like.  Then provide more of the likes and less of the dislikes.  Note that clients will provide different answers, therefore you will need to apply some filters to your data.  If you don’t get repeat business from your clients, ask them why they don’t buy from you again.  These insights will provide invaluable information.

Are they receiving value?

Second, ask your clients what value they receive from your product or service.  This value may be price, service, or quality.  Don’t forget to ask about your competition.  Ask how your clients perceive their value.  Use all these answers in your marketing plan to increase your market share and boost your revenue.  The key here is to create more value for your clients.

Will they recommend you?

Third, find out the likelihood that your clients will recommend you to other people.  Ask why (or why not).  Use these answers to help build your loyalty program.  For instance, reward the clients that recommend you.  When you find top referrers, utilize their networking power to increase your business.  Word of mouth recommendations are still one of the most powerful marketing techniques available.

You may spend a lot of time (and money) researching and analyzing the wrong metrics.  Determining what makes (and keeps) your clients happy should be a top priority for your business.  Without your clients, you will not have a business. By following the above three important metrics, you will discover how to best keep your clients happy

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