Do you want your content to rank higher with search engines?  The best way to get higher rankings is through high quality content.  When you conduct an online search, the results should be the best possible answer for the search term.  Therefore, it stands to reason that if you want to have the best website, then it must contain the best content.  Write content for your website that is well written and aimed at your audience.

Always start with keyword research.  Think about the topic of the web page and create a list of keywords related to the topic that you want to be known for.  Your audience is key here.  Think about how they will search for what you offer.  Your web page must target these keywords.  Don’t forget to include any keyword combinations and nuances (especially if you offer a range of products and services).

Next, prepare your content.  Think about why you are writing the text, what you want to achieve, your targeted audience, and what information you want to convey.  Listing this information will help keep your writing on track.  Order the results by placing the most important information at the top.  Don’t forget to structure the content so that the text flows from the beginning to the end.

Then, write the content.  Don’t worry about how the text reads.  The key here is to create text for your web page.  If you get stuck with the opening or ending paragraphs, simple skip over them and write the main body.  Also, don’t worry about being grammatically correct.  Always write more than you need.  A good draft copy consists of approximately 500 words.

Finally, correct the content.  Read and reread the text (some like to read their text out loud). Focus on the sentences first, then have a look at the structure of each paragraph.  The first sentence contains the main point of the paragraph and the following text supports the main point.  Check for spelling and grammar errors.  The result should be text between 300 and 350 words.

If you encounter difficulty proofreading your work, walk away from the text and come back to it.  I always print my text and proofread it later.  With these four steps completed, you will have a piece of high quality content that will help your web page rank higher with search engines.

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