I consistently receive calls or emails from business owners who desperately need help with their WordPress website. Their problems typically fall into four areas. Their website is out of date, their web developer is no longer around, the required functionality is not there, or their website is slow. Sometimes, it’s a combination of all four. Read on to discover the most common WordPress issues facing business owners that I regularly fix.

Outdated website

The first issue is an out of date website. These websites are typically designed using an out of date theme. As the field of web design changes to keep up with the rapidly moving world of online interactions, websites quickly fall behind. Business owners neglect their websites until someone (usually a younger visitor) tells them their website is outdated. Acknowledging the issue, they realize that updating their website is not an easy task. They often try adding different themes and plugins only to become overwhelmed.

Developer AWOL

The second common WordPress issue is they can’t contact their original WordPress developer. The developer is either out of business, does not work in WordPress anymore, was a family friend who has moved on, or now wants an exorbitant amount of money. Most often, they want a Canadian developer who is very responsive to their needs. They can’t afford to be without an updated website because they are losing sales.

Insufficient skills

The third issue is they have hit a wall in their website development. Their original developer lacks the required skills to make the website function the way they want. This often requires extra coding to add the required functionality. Most casual WordPress developers are out of their league when a website requires functionality that is not available in different themes and plugins. They don’t know how to override a theme or plugin using code or hooks and filters.

Slow website

The fourth issue is a slow loading website. Some websites I revamp took 8 or more seconds to load. The top reasons for a slow loading website are too many plugins installed (out of date, not required, or broken), images not optimized for the web, a slow web server, and extra code that is not required. Each slow loading issue requires different approaches. The goal is to have the website home page load in about 2 seconds. 

These common WordPress issues require a professional WordPress developer. If your current developer can’t give you the updated and fully functional website you need, then you should consider changing developers. You don’t have to accept these common WordPress issues. Your business will benefit from a better website.

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