All businesses exist to solve their client’s pain.  This pain is something that the client can’t solve themselves.  For instance, those searching for a new home normally turn to subdivision developers, real estate companies, or private sellers.  With so much competition, the entity that best understands the pain faced by the client and provides the best solution will have more sales.  For those companies looking to grow, they have to prove to potential clients that their solution is better than the solutions provided by the competition.

Having A Website Helps

Having a website helps businesses reduce their client’s pain. A website provides an easily searchable and findable solution to items visitors search the Internet for. Websites that are clearly laid out and provide valuable information on products and services do much better. Your website needs to me less about ‘you’ and ore about the customer. What are they looking for? How does your website help visitors solve their pain?

Discover Client Pain

How does one find the pain their website visitors are experiencing?  Simple.  Talk to your clients.  Ask them open ended questions and listen to the answers.  You should be listening more than you are speaking.  Avoid simple yes/no questions.  Let the client do most of the talking.  Don’t inject your opinions or provide solutions at this stage.  Show empathy to reinforce that you understand the pain they face.  Closely watch their body language.  Pay attention to the client’s eyes and smile.  Listen for any changes in tone.  The more talking the client does, the more information you will glean.  Sometimes you will enter uncomfortable areas but you will get closer to the pain.

Solve Their Pain

Why do you need to know? Because your clients are people!  Understanding what drives them to your product or service also helps you focus your pitch.  For example, when Apple built their iPod, they didn’t sell it as a MP3 device.  There were plenty of MP3 devices already available   They sold it as a means of getting music quickly and cheaply.  Customers also wanted to legally own the songs they played on their devices.  iTunes was the very successful result.  When you can find and solve your client’s pain, you will not only increase sales but you will better define what your business does.  This is a win-win situation.

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