Have you noticed that more websites tend to look the same (design wise) by following the same trend?  The current mobile first designs using frameworks such as Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, and Bulma seem to all look alike.  But your website does not have to look the same as thousands of other sites.  Follow these simple steps to ensure that your website stands out from the pack.

Use your graphics

First, create your own graphics.  Websites that use the same stock photos lack originality.  Your graphics should enhance the text of your website.  Check the size of your graphics.  No longer do they need to be 2000 pixels wide.  Test your graphics on several different screen sizes.  Graphics that resize automatically not only look good but respect the browser window size of the visitor.  Show your visitors that you are thinking of them.  Don’t force them to download huge graphics files. This design trend makes your website unique and easily rememberable.

Use Sections

Second, break your web pages into clear sections.  You do not need to keep the important parts above the fold.  Portable device users are now used to scrolling to find content.  Dividing your pages into sections makes it easier to create a responsive design.  Your sections should stack automatically depending on the screen size. You can get very creative with this trend by using a combination of shapes, colours, and borders.

Hide Menus

Third, use hidden menus to regain precious space.  The popular hamburger menu has become a standard feature on responsive websites.  They permit menus to remain out of the way until needed.  Using this consistent approach to menus will not take away any of the design of your website but will provide visitors with the same experience.  They will find your most important pages listed in the hamburger menu.

Follow the three steps outlined above and your website will definitely stand out from the rest.  Don’t be afraid to break the current trend mold when designing your website.  The results will amaze both you and your visitors.

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