Having a blog is excellent for building a following to your small business website. Equally important is having a content marketing plan in place This plan will help guide which topics you will write about. An often overlooked part of a content marketing strategy is blog distribution. A blog distribution plan places your posts in front of the most readers. Also, it drives more traffic to your website. Do you have a blog distribution plan?

Choose your target audience

Having great content on your website is only a start. Unless you have a plan to publish your content to the widest audience, your blog posts will sit unread. When looking for places to publish your content, consider your target audience. Where do they hang out online? What websites do they visit? What social media tools do they use? Publish your blog posts where your target audience is. Business to business companies may find that LinkedIn produces better results. Business to consumer companies may get better responses from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Other potential places to post content include Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and Google Communities.

Create article teasers

With your blog distribution channels selected, publish teaser articles to these locations. Teasers normally include the post title, a small excerpt, and a related picture. There are several plugins for WordPress that will allow you to easily share your blog posts. Other Content Management Systems also have social media sharing tools. Ensure you include a link back to the full article on your website.

Add a subscription form

Also, don’t forget to add a subscription form to your website so that you can push new articles to subscribers. You will not have to rely on subscribers finding your new articles on other websites, they will receive an email every time you publish new content. As an added bonus, you can directly target subscribers with special offers and convert them to leads and customers.

Drive visitors to your website

Having a content management plan to publish your content to the largest possible audience will help drive visitors to your website. To obtain the best returns from your content marketing strategy, be sure to include a blog distribution plan. Publish your content in front of your target audience and your blog audience will become one of your organization’s most valuable assets.

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