Are your website goals aligned with your business goals? When designing a new website or updating a website for my business clients, I always ask what they want their website to do. Most of the answers revolve around the same lines:

  • Establish an online presence;
  • Talk about the business; and
  • Provide contact information.

In other words, the website becomes an online version of the business brochure. But your website can be so much more. Your website should be a natural extension of your business.

During the client discovery stage, we discuss the goals of the business. Typically, the business goals are:

  • Grow the business;
  • Generate more leads; and
  • Make more money.

Business goals need to be clear to everyone because they drive everything you do in your business. These goals become part of your business model by creating value for your customers.

With the business goals sorted out, the next question becomes how does the website support the business goals? You need to consider how the business plans on driving traffic to the website. Most often, there is no plan to promote the website. For me, those two items are complimentary. You can’t have one without the other. The most successful websites have a marketing plan to generate more traffic.

The website needs to guide visitors through a series of steps until they take action. These actions must support the business goals. For instance, a website visitor will research a product, read the reviews, and once their questions are answered, they complete the online purchase. To create this path, the website needs to be more than a brochure website. It needs to guide visitors to the website goal.

Most brochure website owners are disappointed with the performance of their website. They complain that they wasted money. They write the expense off as a failed venture. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Alignment of the website with business goals coupled with a targeted marketing plan will help achieve a winning website.

Have another look at your website. Is it supporting your business goals? If the answer is no, then you need to reconsider aligning your website goals with your business goals.

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