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Majaid Web Solutions is a veteran-owned and operated WordPress development company. When you have taken your WordPress website as far as you can and you need more, I step in and give you the website you want.

Have WordPress problems that you cannot solve?

Need to take WordPress even farther?

Want a maintenance plan to keep your website updated and secure?

Let’s chat!

Do you need someone to …

  • design and implement new features and functionality
  • establish your website’s architecture
  • ensure high-performance and availability
  • manage all technical aspects
  • create responsive themes
  • incorporate front-end technologies
  • build user interfaces
  • design and develop responsive design websites
  • ensure consistent style across platforms and browsers
  • convert comprehensive layouts into working pages
  • full PHP back-end development
  • speed up a slow website
  • fix coding errors
  • solve layout issues

Join our happy clients.

Why choose Majaid Web Solutions?

  • reliable service,
  • value for money,
  • responsive company,
  • mobile-ready website,
  • custom designed website,
  • web partner to help you grow.
  • current trends and technologies.
  • regular updates and backups,
  • reliable customer support,
  • modern website designs,
  • fast web servers,
  • secure websites,

With Majaid Web Solutions, you never have to worry about your WordPress website again!

Praise from Majaid Clients

“Barry is the man! Tasked to redesign our complex multi vendor website was a breeze. After many changes and challenges presented, Barry exceeded our expectations. Proof is in the pudding. Our new website meets our ever growing requirements and is directly responsible for our continuing growth and success. Without Barry, there would not be a veteran marketplace.”

Tactical74 Veteran Marketplace

“They totally redesigned my site into a well defined clean look. Their knowledge of current trends is amazing and they worked closely with me to ensure everything was aligned before launching.”


Danall Logistics

Thank you so much for being there for me and for providing such a great support..”


Leeside Consulting

“Barry’s knowledge of website development helps to drive new clients to our content company website. He’s always prompt and efficient whenever we need changes.”

Grant & Patricia

“Barry is a great guy to work with.”


National Auto Outlet

“Thank you for being such a great guy! I absolutely love working with you!


Spruce Grove Agriculture

We have helped over 

business owners.

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